Solar Water Heating Systems

AIC Tank Solar Heating System

Sample installation – consult a professional for system setup



1. Solar Collector Array, 2. Thermal Storage Tank, Colletor Circulation Pump, 4. Heat Exchanger, 5. Storage Circulation Pump, 6. Expansion Tank, 7. Heat Exchanger Connection Detail, 8. Load Circulation Pump, 9. Radiant Floor Heating

Domestic Hot Water Systems

Sol-Line Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

AIC’s compact line of SOL-LINE brazed plate heat exchangers are ideal for solar domestic hot water use. Whether designed as the primary heater, an alternative heater, or a pre-heater, these efficient units are an integral component of any closed loop system.

Freeze Prevention System Using L-Line Heat Exchangers

External heat exchangers are the perfect solution for anti-freeze solar systems, enabling longer system life and less manual intervention. Compared to internal style heat exchangers (indirect water heaters), the AIC Sol-Line external style heat exchangers have plate corrugation patterns and plate geometry that promote high turbulence flows, which maximize solar energy transfer to domestic water. This improves overall system efficiency, and results in tangible cost savings.

Sol-Line plate heat exchangers can be used in various domestic applications. AIC offers both single walled plate exchangers for in floor heating and driveway snowmelt applications, and double walled plate exchangers with visible leak detection for potable water use.

AIC B-Line Heat Exchanger Cut-out


Quick Sizing Guide

Model Name

Nominal BTU/h*


up to 30,000


up to 50,000


up to 75,000


up to 100,000


up to 125,000

* Nominal Values are based on 120°F temperature difference between incoming heating and heated water.
  Hot Side: 40% Propylene Glycol
  Cold Side: Domestic Water

General Specifications

Overall Dimensions (WxH)

3” x 8”

Port Connections

3/4” female NPT

Design Pressure

435 PSI

Design Temperature

302 °F

Plate Material

Stainless Steel

Brazing Material



ASME Certification

UL Listing Certified Heat Exchangers
ISO 9000

CE Certified